In other words: a good map.

The thorough documentation of a historical narrative often depends on an understandable illustration of the geographical framework that the story takes place within — in other words: a good map.

Maps that describe historical geography should be accurate, readable, and organizationally understandable.

I can help you illustrate your book, website, or presentation with high-quality maps that compliment your text.

My special interests are trail research, historical maps and original cartography.

I’ve done a great deal of research on 19th century trails in Arizona and the southwest. My findings are published for display and in various magazines, journals, brochures and on the web. This experience as a trail researcher helps me to make better maps for my clients.

Professional Software & Techniques

I use the latest software and digital techniques to create high-quality maps in color or black-and-white.

Maps for Print & Digital Publishing

Maps can be designed for use in print materials (books, magazines, posters) or digital publishing (websites, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)

Digital File Delivery

Completed map project files can be delivered digitally, via e-mail, Dropbox or FTP in a variety of file formats.

Print Brokering Services

Brokering services are also available to print your map in various sizes and formats. Need a quote? Just ask!

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